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Terms of Service

Welcome to iranexporthouse.org Terms of Service Agreement. This agreement describes terms of your use of iranexporthouse.org.

As you passed our home page, you agree with this agreement, which may be updated without any prior notice to you. You can review latest version of Terms of Service at Term Of Service section in www.iranexporthouse.org.

Description of Service
Iranexporthouse.org provide extensive series of on-line services. Release of new services will be under same Terms. Services are based on "AS-IS" and there is not any responsibility to iranexporthouse.org.
You agree that you may not commercially exploit any information, including but not limited, copying (through robot, any other automatic device or manual process) any information displayed on iranexporthouse.org web site without prior authorized written from Iran Export House Organization.

Joining and use of iranexporthouse.org is free of charge. In future it may change with your prior notice. Using services that is not in our web site and we do it through our organization is not free.

Your information
"Your Information" means any kind of data that you leave in iranexporthouse.org during your registration and offers and you are responsible against them.

When you register, you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information of yourself (Personal Information) and your company (Company Information). If you don't do this you are responsible and if iranexporthouse.org found that your data are not true, accurate, current and complete, it has the right to terminate your registration in any time. If you want to change your registered information, you must send an e-mail to webmaster@iranexporthouse.org .

Member Account and Password
During your registration, you will choose a USER ID and a PASSWORD. You have all responsibility to keep them confidential. For any damage or loss in data that come from your security failure, iranexporthouse.org has not any responsibility.

Member Information Rules
You agree that your information and your offers WILL NOT:

· Stolen items
· Infringe any copyright, Patent, Trademark and so on.
· Violate any national and international law.
· Contain sex, adult content, pornography and so on.
· Beverages, Alcohol drinks, Beer and so on.
· Contain any Virus, Trojan horse and so on.
· Link directly or indirectly to goods or services or web sites that their functions prohibited under this agreement.
· Contain any harmful, threatening, unlawful, anti-religion, liable and harassing to other people or countries.
· Contain any positive or negative feedback about other companies (members or not)

The license you give us
Iranexporthouse.org has right to use your information in other works in any form media or technology known or later developed in any country in the world.

Iranexporthouse.org control your information and offers for having condition of " Member Information Rules". Iranexporthouse.org has the right for delete part or all of your information and offers in any time.

Content Modification
Iranexporthouse.org has the right to modify or suspend each service at any time without prior notice.

Force Major
Iranexporthouse.org shall not be liable to you for delays or failure in performance resulting from causes beyond our reasonable control, including - but not all-, acts of God, labor disputes or disturbance, war, governmental regulation, communication or utility failure or causalities.

Iranexporthouse.org has the right for termination your account in any time, without prior notice and without supplying you a reason.

Dealing and Trade
You agree that your dealing with any advertise or any member is your responsibility and iranexporthouse.org is not responsible for any loss or damage.

Copyright and intellectual property right of iranexporthouse.org belong to Iran Export House Organization.

More about us
For more information, please contact us at webmaster@iranexporthouse.org.

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