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About IEH

Iran Export House Organization a portal for international business

Iran Export House (I.E.H) organization established in March 2001. I.E.H is a non-governmental organization that works in international business.

I.E.H want to help companies that want to work in real world not in an imaginary. Work in real world needs very specialized organization in addition to best relations with economical parties.

We believe that because both production and marketing are so hard works, we want to help manufacturers to only go to their products and we will do for them all kind of works that depend to international marketing.

If you like to produce and market your goods and don't have time for both of them we give you our specialty and time for search in this big world to find best customers for your products.

We can do this because we have specialty in the field of international marketing.

For these purposes, we use our partners, agents,relations and web site www.IranExportHouse.org as a facility to our goals.

We believe that you can change your future if you know where you must go. Our opinion is www.IranExportHouse.org.

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