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Iran Export House Organization will provide for its members following services. If you like to use any of our services, you could mail your request to webmaster@iranexporthouse.org

If you are not a member, simply sign up in our web site and become a member.

Services provided:

1- Import: Information on regulations and/or procedures for public tenders (on request)

2- Export + Import: National production and foreign trade statistics (on request)

3- Export + Import: Lists of manufacturers, exporters, importers, etc. (online)

4- Export + Import: Information on trade events/participation in trade fairs (on request)

5- Export + Import: Information on shipping and other transport facilities (on request)

6- Export + Import: Information on prices of specific products (on request)

7- Export + Import: Information on national/regional foreign trade regulations (on request)

8- Export + Import: Information on national health and technical regulations (on request)

9- Export + Import: Information on market opportunities (online)

10- Export + Import: Information on market opportunities (on request)

11- Export + Import: Circulation of trade offers/trade opportunities (online)

12- Export + Import: Circulation of trade offers/trade opportunities (on request)

13- Export + Import: Assistance to overseas companies for joint ventures (on request)

14- Export + Import: Assistance in establishing contacts with traders/STOs (on request)

In the future, we will have new services. If you need some service that there is not in the above list, please send your request to webmaster@iranexporthouse.org

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